Wednesday, January 14, 2009

eek! aww! and ooooo!

i am deathly afraid of getting shots. and i just found out that all my paychecks are going to be held until i can produce recent TB test results. eek. i'm all about getting paid. so i manned up and tried to make an appointment with kaiser to come in and have my test done. and the soonest appointment they had available isn't until february 16th. do u know that if i wait till then, i wont get a paycheck until february 27th. that is just way too tragic, even for shakespeare.

so. this is my nephew david collin espinoza. my sister, lori, had him on december 16th. he is such a large child. and he is the joy of my days. awwww. i know what you are thinking, that kid isnt black!? but he is. lori inherited the more fair skinned genes in my family, she was always more on the yellow side. and on top of all that, his father is the whitest mexican i've ever seen in my life.

my goal is that this summer, after graduation, i want to go to greece. ooooo! i would really like someone to make it their goal to go to greece this summer too, so that i don't have to go alone. but if it comes down to it, i will go alone. i intended on traveling the world! and i want to start there. beautiful.

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Stevie said...

I would LOVE to go there! I bet its expensive though. If I pay my debts soon and start learning how to save money I would love to join you! :D But in return you must travel to Japan with me. hahahaha! Cute nephew by the way!! :)