Sunday, January 25, 2009


well. since apparently no one reads my blogs, i don't care about making them interesting.
so. initially when i saw the episode of degrassi "take on me" i thought it was so lame. it's kinda like the movie "Breakfast Club" mr raditch gives toby, sean, hazel, jimmie and elle saturday detention. they all are very different. the nerd, the bad boy, the goodgirl cheerleader, the jock, the reject.

so. i just watched the episode again. and i really liked it.

elle learns to let go a little and that it's ok to be liked.
sean learns to not judge.
toby learns that he can be himself and still be cool.
jimmie learns that just because people arent popular doesnt mean they arent cool.
and hazel learns that its ok to do things people wouldnt expect her to do.

at the end of the episode.
toby has made a lot of friends.
sean get with elle.
and jimmie gets with hazel.

its a fun episode that changes a lot of stuff.

i love it.

now i'm watching Rock and Roll High School. a very good episode. u all should watch it.

2 replies:

[[stevie]] said...

I read your blogs. :) Ive never seen that episode of degrassi. Sounds like a rip-off to me! haha jk. I think I'll go watch it. I used to love that show. =P

Cassie~Da DiVA said...

I just learned u had a blog. I'll read it from now on I LOVE Degrassi and have seen both episodes. They're pretty awesome 2 me.