Friday, June 26, 2009

i can not write anymore

so... my old myspace blog was updated so frequently- i was starting to look like i had nothing better to do.
i started this blog(for some reason)... and the poor thing is so barren. i tend to forget i even have it...

i guess i can blame it on senior year and my freaking humanities thesis, (which i did SO well on)

that thesis took up every ounce of energy, passion, love, blood, sweat and tears i could muster up....

the saturday before my thesis was due- i seriously thought i was going to die. seriously. i had like a mini-panic attack/freakout/nervous break-down as i was heading to pull and all-nighter in the library. btw- by 2am- i had it and ended up going home. (so much for an all nighter)

but i digress....

this blog is about my wanting to find some inspiration but not knowing where to look....

my old blog was about all the insanity that went on in my first few years of college... and i must was pretty emo...

in this stage in my life im pretty happy....

yeah i have no job money
my once long list of friends is dwindling down to a mere few
and im in love with a man who i'm sure thinks as much of me as he thinks of a random strand on hair on his perfectly wonderful head... yea- i'm nuts.

but none of that seems to matter to my happiness as much as it would have 3 years ago.

and so, i've decided that i need to create a blog with a purpose... a goal.... a THEME!!!

idk what------ yet.

but ive got my thinking cap on.