Monday, February 23, 2009

Taraji P. Henson

Ummm. can we say flawless!!?? look at her. the hair?? the makeup?? the accessories?? and lets not forget the DRESS!!! she looked stunning in this Cavalli dress... take a look.

Beautiful right? but come on, she always looks great. take a look at the critics choice awards... take a look...

i love how she is real and doesn't try and perpetrate by wearing ridiculous weaves and stuff... not saying i don't do that... but i like how SHE doesn't. here she is looking flawless in black....

she looks so great. and get this... she is pushing 40! with a 14 year old son. i know he is proud of his momma... she's a long way from yelling "Jodie! Jodie!" lol. (still love baby boy)

i thought she should of won. BUT I'm not mad that Penelope Cruz won cause she did an amazing AMAZING job in Volver and she deserves some recognition for that.

on a side note...

why didn't the little girl from Pan's Labyrinth win anything a that year?

She did such a great job and she is a brilliant little actress.

anywho. that's all i got for ya today. :)

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DivinePoetess said...

I love Taraji and she is QUITE FLAWLESS! I hope to see her in more and more roles. She's come a long way from Baby Boy lol