Monday, February 2, 2009

jon and kate plus 8

i was watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. and on this episode they took a trip to beautiful coastal North Carolina to their beach house. and along the way they stopped to look at these amazing properties that they were considering buying. and it got me thinking... they would not have all these opportunities as a family of 10 if they werent on tv.... SO BASICALLY!! they sold their family to hollywood in order to live comfortably- actually, a bit above comfortable.

thats all i had to say. i love the show. but.... they sold their babies for CASH!!

2 replies:

Cass said...

Lmmfao,,OMG I never thought of it that way. the sold em off back when they were 1st born and showed up on Oprah! Chances are this new family who just had 8 kids @ once will probably be next. Beach house huh? WOW!

Bsquared86 said...

I love the show! But, it does feel really wierd that they're making this money from the birth of their kids. I guess it's no different than child actors, though.