Monday, May 2, 2011

New phone. Revamping my blog. Osama

So I got a new phone. It is an android phone which means I now have the blogger app. So....any of you read my myspace know that I used to blog like everyday.... So with this new phone.... I will be blogging as often as possible about topics as random (out even more so) than my myspace blog. The only thing that sucks about blogging on blogger is that I don't have as much of an audience as before.... Pssh.

So... Moving on...

Let's talk about Osama... They got him. I'm glad that they did... But what does that mean for our nation as far as any retaliation from al quaida (sp) is concerned? All those ignorant people out celebrating last night didn't think of that did they. And I know it its entirely too much to ask for that we be notified of any attacks headed our way, but come on! Let a sistah know!

That is all.

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